Like spicy? These new Stampede treats are for you
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Like spicy? These new Stampede treats are for you

Come for the cowboys, stay for the spice.

Spicy heat is on the menu as the Calgary Stampede has unveiled the new eats and treats on the midway this year.

Even the lemonade is getting a chili-pepper infusion.

From an Angry Chicken Sandwich, topped with a chipotle aioli - and cooling coleslaw - to the Thai Chili Lime Popcorn Shrimp Perogies with a chili glaze and sriracha mayo, mouths are set to be on fire up and down the midway.

For the bravest and boldest, there will also be the so-called World's Hottest Pizza. The scorpion pizza once offered on the midway could have had some sting, but this one will definitely bite as its permeated with ghost peppers - once certified by Guinness World Records as the world's hottest chili pepper. (Since outdone by two others, it still packs a spicy wallop at 1,000,000 Scoville units, which measures the heat scale of peppers; a jalapeno averages about 10,000 Scovilles.)

The Stampede will be running a contest for those willing to take on the pepper-packed pizza.

Should a mouth on fire not be your idea of a good time, these are only a few of the 40 new items hitting the midway.

Foods in ball form, unicorn-themed sweet treats in a rainbow of colours and unexpected things battered and fried (and sometimes served on a stick) are ready to tempt the adventurous eater.

Combining several of those categories is the Canadian Bacon Pickle Ball, which takes a hot dog, stuffs it into a pickle, wraps that in bacon, cuts it into ball-sized pieces and then cooks it like a corndog. Dim sum favourite - or dare-worthy order - chicken feet also get a deep-fried bath and then are served on a stick, while, for next-level richness, vendors will also be dishing up deep-fried pork belly.

Meanwhile, dessert gets a savoury makeover with the Funnel Cake Poutine - which is just what you imagine.

Or, you can save room for actual dessert.

Ice cream sandwiched by wedges of cereal-marshmallow squares, trendy rolled ice cream and Deep Fried Jell-O - balls filled with the wiggly dessert that take a deep-fried bath before getting sprinkled with powdered sugar - will all debut this year.

Prepare your stomach accordingly; Stampede kicks off July 7.

source : Calgary SUN
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