Mandatory helmets for OHVs starts on Monday
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Mandatory helmets for OHVs starts on Monday

Heads up – a helmet is mandatory for off-highway vehicles on public property in Alberta as of Monday.

Anyone driving, riding on or in, or being towed by an off-highway vehicle (OHV) will need an approved helmet. Those vehicles include dirt bikes, motorcycles, mini bikes, all-terrain vehicles, utility terrain vehicles, miniature motor vehicles, amphibious vehicles, and snow vehicles including snowmobiles and snow bikes. Bill 36 passed into law on Dec. 6, 2016, and takes effect on Monday.

There are exceptions for anyone on their own property, private property with an owner's permission, a First Nations reserve or Métis settlement, anyone performing farm or ranch work, or a Sikh with a turban.

Manufacturer-installed rollover protective structures and seatbelts also allow for an exemption.

Fines for not wearing a helmet are $155, or $93 for not wearing an approved helmet.

An average of 19 people die each year in Alberta while operating OHVs, according to the Injury Prevention Centre.

source : Calgary SUN
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