Connor McDavid Photo With Fans Is Adorably Awkward
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Connor McDavid Photo With Fans Is Adorably Awkward

It must be kind of weird to be Connor McDavid.

The 20-year-old is the youngest-ever captain of an NHL team. Outside Edmonton's Rogers Place, people hawk "McJesus" merchandise before games, and he's often swarmed with fans wherever he goes.

McDavid recently snapped two photos with fans that perfectly capture that weirdness.

My best friend's parents, Jimmy & Rosalina, met @cmcdavid97 at @FlyEIA today. Possibly the best/most awkward photo of all time? #NHL #oilers

— Margeaux Maron (@MargeauxMorin) May 10, 2017

"That picture was a little bit weird," McDavid told reporters on Wednesday, according to

But, that wasn't the only adorably awkward photo McDavid's taken lately. Enter, Exhibit B, posted by reddit user dingmah:

Connor McDavid in another awkward fan photo from hockey

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