NDP gets the band back together, revives 'Notley Crue' shirts for anniversary
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NDP gets the band back together, revives 'Notley Crue' shirts for anniversary

On the second anniversary of the party forming government and ending decades of Progressive Conservative rule, the NDP is trying to recapture some of that old magic.

An email to supporters urges them to vote on their favourite NDP-themed T-shirt and then pre-order the eventual winner. The slogans on the shirt read, "A women's place is in the legislature," "Rachel Notley's got my back," and "Notley Crue."

The Notley Crue shirt caused a small sensation during the campaign, lighting up social media and helping boost the support of leader Rachel Notley after a strong debate performance.

It represents happier times for a party that has battled a flagging economy since coming to power.

The email, which was sent by deputy premier Sarah Hoffman, claims hundred of supporters have already voted and says, "I’d wear any of them proudly, but I can’t deny I have a favourite."

Asked about the shirts, Hoffman said she's "pretty loyal to the Notley Crue. That was a point when a lot of us had a lot of fun."

Deputy premier Sarah Hoffman said hundreds of supporters have voted for their favourite NDP T-shirt and she prefers the Notley Crue version. Supplied

source : Calgary SUN
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