More lethal parvovirus detected, Alberta-wide warning issued
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More lethal parvovirus detected, Alberta-wide warning issued

Dog owners need to step up their vigilance in the face of the canine parvovirus threat, the ASPCA said Friday.

The alert comes in the wake of the Calgary Humane Society's decision to indefinitely close their southeast shelter after symptoms of the commonly fatal virus was found Monday in a pair of puppies that had arrived from out of town.

And the warning stems from the same batch of infected puppies originating from a seller southeast of Calgary, said Roland Lines, spokesman for the ASPCA.

Provincial privacy law prohibits the identification of the animal seller.

"We believe there's a higher chance that people have recently purchased dogs that are infected," he said.

"These dogs could have been sold in many parts of Alberta."

So far, three dogs from the location have tested positive for parvovirus, though because there's an incubation period of 10 days, other cases could emerge, said Lines.

It's important those who've acquired puppies in the last three weeks with no known vaccination history immediately ensure their pets receive shots to ward off the highly-infectious disease, he said.

"There'll always be events that increase the risk of exposure, so get your dogs vaccinated so you don't have to worry about that," said Lines.

Parvovirus symptoms include lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting, signs to be found more commonly in younger dogs that are more susceptible.

The intestinal disease can be fatal in nine of 10 cases if not treated.

In the case of the Calgary Humane Society, Lines said the infected dogs didn't come into contact with other animals and are being quarantined.

"The closure is precautionary," he said.

The ASPCA said it's investigation is continuing.

source : Calgary SUN
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